Writing workshops

Avery Gordon offers small group writing workshops primarily for non-fiction and creative non-fiction writers working in or around academia and the arts. The workshops can range from one day to a week or can be serialised over a set period of time. The formats are determined by the duration of the workshop and by the desired goals but typically they involve participants responding to writing prompts prepared by Gordon for them.

For more information about writing workshops and individual consultation on writing projects, contact Avery Gordon at averygordon@ucsb.edu.

A record of Gordon’s 35+ year teaching experience is in the CV.

Recent writing workshops:

School for Dissident Friendship
Berliner Festpiele, DE
Two-day writing workshop for the School with a group public performance

Department of Visual Cultures
Goldsmiths College University of London, UK
One-day writing workshop with doctoral students

Maumaus Independent Study Programme
Lisbon, PT
Three-day writing workshop with artists as part Gordon’s annual Maumaus teaching