Body Politics: Disease, Desire and the Family

Edited with Michael Ryan. Boulder: Westview Press (1994). Routledge re-issue (2020)

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Routledge re-issue

This book examines the body as a site of contention, politics, and cultural protest, covering a range of issues including torture, drugs, war, moral panics, AIDS, and building an alternative body politic. It was the first volume in a series, Politics & Culture, edited by Gordon and Ryan for Westview Press.

Contributors: Henry Abelove, Nancy Armostrong, Ann Cvetkovich, Avery Gordon, Pierre Bourdieu, Monique de Saint Martin, Dennis Crow, Jackie Orr, Stephen Pfohl, Mark Driscoll, Maurizio Viano, Margit Stange, Thomas Dumm, Brian Massumi, Kenneth Dean, Page DuBois, Julie Taylor, George E. Marcus, Tetsuo Kogawa, Michael Hardt, Toni Negro, Donna Haraway.