Preface to An Anthropology of Marxism by Cedric J. Robinson (2019)

“Preface.” Pp. xiii–xxix in Cedric J. Robinson, An Anthropology of Marxism, 2nd edition. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press (2019).

This preface introduced the publication of An Anthropology of Marxism by Ashgate in 2001. It was written because when I suggested to Cedric that the book might benefit from an introduction, he told me to write it. After being unavailable for so long, UNC Press reissued the book in 2019. The preface remains mainly as it was when first published with some minor revisions.

“The Black radical tradition and the academy: the future of radical scholarship.” Race & Class Vol 47(2):82-87 (2005).

In November 2004, several of Cedric Robinson’s students organised a “Symposium on Cedric Robinson’s radical thought: toward critical social theories and practice” at the University of California Santa Barbara. Race & Class subsequently published a special issue guest edited by Darryl C. Thomas including some of the participants and entitled “Cedric Robinson and the philosophy of Black resistance.”